Learn how to win the question game

Whether you are playing an informal “would you rather” question game with your friends or if you are taking up a serious question game online or in person for an official or educational context the key is the “winning attitude”.

For a casual talk with say a colleague or a team mate to really understand a person you could frame some questions based on the actual day to day scenario or based on crisis situations that might occur. These are quality would you rather questions to help you understand your team mates.

When you are at a question game, when you are representing your school or college it is a huge responsibility. So here are some tips to improve the chances of winning.

Pay attention to details

Right from the body language to the eye contact that the questioner makes there are several small details that might give you hidden cues and clues. Also the context might give you some idea sometimes. So pay attention to everything that is happening around you while you also stay focused on the actual questions. And sometimes it might so happen that when the questioner is answering the current question he might add a little hint that might be useful to answer the other questions that come later.

Preparation is the key

Nothing beats a strong preparation. With internet now it is easy to learn about anything and everything on the planet. So do not begin the question game without a thorough preparation. You can carry an electronic version of all your study materials and read them during your commute to help save time.

Stay calm

Being composed is the next main strategy to improve your winning chances. After all stress and anxiety can meddle with you brain. This can make you forget what you already know very well. So answer all the questions with a cool head.

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