Legitimate Social Media Sites For Education

There are a number of social media networking websites and each one is dedicated to a different field. There are popular websites that allow people to share their photos and videos; a few that help in sharing important information while a few that allow both photo and information sharing. The networks like Facebook, Twitter are correct examples of such multi-purpose websites and it is one main reason that has made them very popular among the interested lot. But there are few cautions while using them. When comes to educational websites or networks that allow people to share and post educational stuff it is important they are very safe and secure because it is mainly children who use them and hence they need to be in a secure place.

The social market is loaded with n number of websites supporting all causes. The major and the primary task here is to first identify a legitimate one that would not only help in sharing information but also keep the reader and the blogger safe from anonymous eyes. The World Wide Web is a huge place where we have people of all characters and types and it is impossible to understand a person online though we get to see their photos and videos. So it is always very important to be safe here and become a part of the group that is safe and trustworthy. Many people post information to get more likes and shares. Yes, of course, this is possible through any social website but being linked up with a legitimate one is very important. People, especially students should always be attached to legit sites to buy views and shares and this is possible if they are able to identify the right platform for their work and name. So become popular today through a reliable website to a group that relies on you for unique and exciting information.

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Woodworking Projects Guide for Beginners

Woodworking can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. For beginner woodworkers it is best to stay with the simple projects until you can master the woodworking skills you need to conquer the major projects. One great project for beginners is one that does not have that many parts and you do not have to use major equipment with. Here is a guide to making a basic CD holder for beginners.

Basic CD Holder

Tools/ Materials needed: pencil, try square or combo square, your best sawzall, 3/8″ forster bit, file; clean cloths, high quality brush, two pieces of wood (oak, walnut, cherry or maple)- sized 5/8″x6″x6″, 3 pieces of hardwood dowel rod- 11 ¾” x 3/8″ , 120 and 150 grit sandpaper, minwax wood finish  amp; minwax fast drying polyurethane.


1) Get the two pieces of wood,5/8″x6″x6″, in pencil draw square 5″x5″, on both pieces of wood

2) Cut both pieces of wood to the line; now lay out the holes for the dowel rods on one face of one board.

3) The holes are as follows: 1st hole-(left top)-down 2  amp; 1/16″, over 9/16″; 2nd hole-(left bottom) – down 4 ½”, over 1 3/8″; 3rd hole- (right bottom) – down 4 ¼”, over 4 ¼”. All of the holes are measured from the top of the board.

4) Tape the two pieces of wood together with two -sided tape.

5) Drill 3/8″ diameter holes halfway through both pieces of wood using the Forster bit. Now separate the pieces and remove the tape.

6) Round out the edges with sandpaper, starting with the 120 and moving up to the 150.

7) Sand the dowel rods with the 150 grit sandpaper.

8) Now apply the stain and finish, let it dry according to the instructions on the label.

9) Once everything is dry insert the dowel rods. Now your project is complete.

10) Clean up with soap and water, and discard rags and waste in a water filled metal container seal and dispose.


Always pre treat softwood with a wood conditioner. Test small corners of the wood with the staining solution to see if it is what you want. Always brush along the grain, not against. Discard your used materials safely to avoid fires, you are using chemicals. Woodworking is very enjoyable and a great stress reliever. Once you have mastered the simple rules of woodworking there is no end to what you can do. So go out there and build a bird house, or a cabinet. Enjoy

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